Hire with drivers

transport-location-conducteurSecure in its transport organisation experience, TCP DISTRIBUTION offers hire with drivers.

The stresses of managing a fleet in-house are becoming ever greater. Everyone's aim is now to refocus on the business and more and more companies are outsourcing their transport management to concentrate on their core activity.

This specific service can be organised at different levels according to your problems. From supply of one or more vehicles on hire with drivers to full takeover of your transport service, TCP responds to the specific problems of each of its customers.

As this type of service is specific to you, TCP produces a detailed study of your requirements and offers you an organisation specifically tailored to your problems.

TCP's service includes offering solutions for each type of vehicle, with or without your own livery.

THE ADVANTAGES: This activity relieves you of the stress of managing driver crews (hours, absence, holidays, digital map) and the vehicle fleet (purchase, maintenance, replacement). The service also give you the benefit of the economies of scale which we generate by overall management of our fleet.

Let us know your problems and we will give you solutions.







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TCP site de Troyes : Tel : 03 25 71 25 25 - Fax : 03 25 75 35 59
TCP site de Sens : Tel : 03 86 83 76 20 - Fax : 03 86 83 76 21


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