A word from the President

dg jean-marie-tschuppSince 1972, with its teams, TCP’s objective has always been to supply its customers with all the services that they are entitled to expect from a logistics provider.

Among the basic values which must drive every business, I have always placed the emphasis on quality and creativity. They are essential to prepare for the markets of tomorrow.

Our strategy: a regional provider offering the dry goods logistics chain in its entirety.

It is a sector in which the human factor is paramount, therefore in my view it is essential to unite.

This is why we combined our resources in 1986 with 2 local carriers but retained our independence, our image and our know-how, which allowed us to be complementary. This union is called login’3 and can offer domestic, euro domestic, overseas and logistic services.

I was already a network man of necessity in the express parcel sector and considered it necessary to do the same for batch shipments, so all the login’3 companies joined the Astre network in the 1990s. This partnership gives us group power.

Considering the importance of quality, we considered it necessary to obtain ISO9001 certification,2000 version. We are always seeking to display a good image of our industry and our quality department is working on the environmental charter.

In 2001 we felt that we needed to add a logistics service and we set up TCP Logistics in that year.

Always open to new technologies, my colleagues are currently setting up Buy@, the global e-commerce, logistics and transport service, which I invite you to look at on this website. Creativity which can only be effective through the generational mix.

Along with all my colleagues, I am convinced that by maintaining our values we will have a part to play in future years in offering the logistics solutions of tomorrow.

Jean Marie TSCHUPPPresident

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TCP site de Troyes : Tel : 03 25 71 25 25 - Fax : 03 25 75 35 59
TCP site de Sens : Tel : 03 86 83 76 20 - Fax : 03 86 83 76 21


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