Our know-how

Our IT system enables us to support you in your inventory control:

  • Possibility of managing partial receipts
  • File transfer by text file or EDI message
  • Control of batch numbers
  • Control of warning thresholds to allow you to keep to your orders as tightly as possible
  • Control of back orders
  • Parcelling operation

en-logistique traitementWith our order preparation processes we can make two successive checks if your products have a gencod code. This is what we call parcelling. This operation enables us to allocate packaging to your products and also to check that the quantities ordered correspond to the quantities prepared.

With our experience we can control the processes on different products:

  • Automotive products: components, automotive parts (preparation of spares orders for car sales workshops)
  • Textile products: management of the peaks due to seasonal product fluctuations (management by CSU)
  • DIY products: We are experts in managing non-standard pallets. This know-how allows us to limit the number of vehicles on the road by maximizing our loads

By outsourcing your logistics and contracting with a professional, you have the opportunity to refocus on your business. So you can then benefit from variable costs because we adapt our resources to the fluctuations in your business.

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